On December 7, 2011 President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced the Sistema Federal de Identificación Biométrica para la Seguridad (SIBIOS), Argentina national biometric system. The announcement focussed on security and policing benefits, and privacy advocates vocally objected, comparing the strategy to the period called the Dirty War (1976 - 1983) when a military junta ruled the country and thousands of dissidents disappeared.

In subsequent interviews the government attempted to defend its strategy, arguing that use of the system to find criminals was beneficial to the country's law abiding citizens.

The adopted modalities are fingerprints and facial recognition. The decree, authorizing the project, declared that the fingerprints acquired for the national ID card were to be used, and they would be supplemented with the fingerprints of newbornes children would also be registered.

Perhaps the government is concerned that children are adopting crime before they even consider football.

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