The biometric national ID project in Uganda was the subject of an Auditor general's report in 2012. In 2009, the €64 million contract was tendered as a single source award to avoid registration delays in anticipation of the 2011 elections. However, the procurement also failed to comply with the formal asset acquisition requirements for single source procurement. By the time of the election happened only 400 ID cards had been issued, primarily to senior government officials.

The contact had been awarded to Mühlbauer, the company who had put together the existing voter registration system that had been previously criticised for the number of duplicate registrations that had been discovered.

There are a number of identity card companies that have adapted their products to include biometrics as the technology has matured. Often the solutions these companies offer are incomplete, failing to offer state of art technologies and a complete spectrum of modalities. Frequently the matching capabilities and hardware that ensures data quality during acquisition is not included as part of the product range. Mühlbauer appears to fit within this category of provider.

In Uganda the Auditor General's report revealed that much of the hardware had been delivered in the absence of a practical implementation plan. The Ugandan government, with no experience in biometrics, and with no warning of the complexities inherent in the project were set up to fail. They did.

There new biometric national ID database does not exist, and large part of the €64 million is spent. Recriminations are being exchanged across the parliamentary floor. The politicians responsible are being called on to repay the wasted public funds.

Mühlbauer is also being blamed, and they allege that "Ugandan incompetence" is the fault.

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